for every child.


The Medford School Committee consists of
six elected individuals serving two-year terms whose job
is to represent every constituent in Medford.


Medford Public schools have approximately 4,500 students with a per pupil expenditure of $16,000, totaling a $63 million dollar budget. Nearly 50% of Medford public schools students fall into the high needs categories of economically disadvantaged, English language learners or students with disabilities. For a variety of reasons, these students experience large gaps in academic achievement and outcomes. Medford Public schools must be prepared to educate every child to ensure positive outcomes for our school district and community to thrive.



A Strategic Plan

I will endorse the creation of an annual strategic plan for our school district with specific goals and measurable benchmarks that are shared with and reported to the community on an annual basis.


While several schools have public mission statements and school improvement plans, there is not a unified reporting of one strategic plan for the entire district that includes accountability measures to voters (beyond fiscal reporting and standardized data).


Improved Family and Community Engagement

Having represented approximately 800 families in our district I have received consistent feedback asking for improved family and community engagement.


As a communications professional, I will help streamline communications and provide thoughtful outreach in engaging family and community stakeholders on a regular basis. I will also explore opportunities for partnerships with local universities to improved family and community engagement.


Address School Maintenance and Buildings and Grounds

As a small business owner, who has worked with multi-million dollar budgets, I understand the need to manage several projects at once and budget. I also understand the importance of regular maintenance needs, to avoid larger problems in the future.


As your School Committee representative, I will work with colleagues to develop a comprehensive plan to address the needs of each of our school buildings with a timeline and process that is both transparent and involves input from teachers, staff, students, families and other stakeholders.


Meaningful Professional Development

I will work to ensure staff and teachers are involved in choices for meaningful professional development. An immediate area of need is to address social-emotional issues such as school anxiety, positive behavior supports and mental health concerns.



Ensuring Equitable Access to Resources for Every School

Medford Public School resources vary across our district with some schools have more than others. I believe in one integrated school district, in which every school has equitable resources for every child.


I would propose a district-wide review examining resources in each of our schools with feedback from teachers, staff and families at every school. I would also propose each of our School Committee members acts as a liaison for a particular school so that every school is equally represented at the table. That School Committee liaison would spend time at the school visiting classrooms and talking with community members to improve outcomes for every child. These liaison positions would be rotated every year so that each school committee member has the opportunity to experience all of our schools.

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